About Us

Rousseau College of Education was established in 2002-03. The college is located in Venkatraopally village, Boinapally Mandal, Rajannasiricilla District in Telangana. Rousseau College of Education offers two year Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) and Diploma in Elementary Teacher Education program(D.El.Ed) with specialization Mathematics, Biological Science, Physical Science and Social Sciences and the intake of 100 students for each. The college has all the necessary facilities like Library, Computer Lab, Psychology Lab, Playground etc.


With the Mission in view, RCE has determined certain Aims and chalked out certain course of actions. These are :

  • To make B.Ed. Course easily accessible to eligible students through this Institution.
  • To involve the society in general to contribute to the fulfillment of the Aims of RCE.
  • To create a flow of employable teachers who will be motivated to fill up deficiency in the instructional ambiance in he district and elsewhere.
  • To conduct survey work in the educational field and to provide for seminar/discussion forum on educational and other social aspects.
  • To inculcate among the students of this institution a thirst for knowledge through their life.
  • To make Rousseau College of Education as a campus, as an institution and as an organization, a center for acquisition and dissemination of knowledge, information, education and culture.